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100X100 livejournal icons
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100x100, actor icons, angels, animation, batman, billy boyd, black and white photography, brian froud, broadway, cartoon icons, cat icons, celtic, charlie pace, comic books, dark knight, david bowie, digital artwork, disney movies, dog icons, dominic monaghan, dragons, dreamworks, elijah wood, elves, faeries, fantasy, fantasy icons, free icons, frodo baggins, funny pictures, graphics, hayao miyazaki, heath ledger, hellboy, hobbits, hollywood, icon contests, icon making, icons, j.r.r. tolkien, johnny depp, kurt halsey, labyrinth, legend, lisa jane, lord of the rings, lost, meatloaf, meriadoc brandybuck, middle earth, movie icons, movie soundtracks, movies, mr. tumnus, music, music icons, narnia, nature photography, new york city, oahu, perigrin took, phantom of the opera, photography, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, retro icons, samwise gamgee, sean astin, sweeney todd, the 80's, the joker, the shire, tim burton, travel, unique icons, user pics, viggo mortensen, vintage, visual artistry, why so serious, worth1000, writing, x-men
Kelicons is a mindless miscellany of creative crops, designed for the artistically minded who tend to see everyday things at a different angle. Within the pages of this community, squares of the mundane and the insane delight and tantalize, giving themselves up freely for the taking. Requests are encouraged and every subject matter under the sun is a prospect for iconizing. However, rules are a given and all that is asked of the souls that grace this community, is that they comment and credit and of course refrain from hotlinking to any of the images. Any parties disregarding this rule will be flogged and fed to the house dragon with a side of ketchup and a dill pickle.

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